Building an Open Source Platform for Future/Connected Mobility

Science & Technology
re:publica 2016


OpenIVI Mobility is a community project to build an open source software and hardware stack targeted at specific automotive and emerging mobility markets: electric mobility vehicles, small volume automakers, newcomer players in automotive (ODMs, for example), traditional automotive OEMs and Tier1s moving into mobility markets, and commercial/trucking manufacturers and suppliers. This session will introduce OpenIVI Mobility and describe latest developments in open source software for connected mobility.


Existing Linux distributions address a wide variety of use cases, from Desktop to Mobile, IoT/embedded devices to cloud server clusters. But none so far is specifically designed for mobility use cases.

The OpenIVI Mobility project addresses the needs of the growing mobility market. Whether you're building an electric scooter or a flying car, OpenIVI Mobility includes the high quality, secure software you expect from Linux, plus the latest mobility middleware from automotive development consortia AGL and GENIVI.

On top of that, built-in support for cloud mobility APIs provides developers with all the tools they need to quickly build smart, connected, mobile devices and mobility solutions.

In this session we will provide a quick introduction to the world of connected mobility and give an overview of the aims and achievements of the OpenIVI Mobility project, as well as some of the existing open source work in the mobility area.

The goal of the project and the talk is to help promote and sustain a healthy, open ecosystem and community for the development of innovative mobility solutions, accessible not just to large well-funded companies but also to hobbiests and makers.

Stage 3
Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 - 15:00 bis 15:30