Digital Performance – Interfacing Intimacy

re:publica 2016


Digital performance and Intermedia theatre are the main subjects of Maya Ofir Magnat' talk. Maya is a digital performer and director who research these subjects through theory and practice. In her talk she will show her different artistic attempts in digital theater and intimacy.


Maya Ofir Magnat will explore the innovative trends of digital performance and intermedia in the theatre and performance art fields, while demonstrating from her own work.

Digital performance enables its practitioners to interact with digital technology both in form and content, reacting to the technology-induced rapid changes in our social landscapes, while creating new stage language using screens, projections, online presence, avatars and other tools of the newly established digital domain.

Magnat's digital performances ponder futuristic scenarios, striving not to be techno-utopian, while not delving to the dystopic. Magnat presents a balanced approach both toward our current society and things to come, accepting digital technologies as a necessity, while alerting us to our complex relationships with our digital devices.

Magnat's main interest is in utilizing digital performance as a creative and safe space that enables performers and audience to imagine their future selves.  

Stage L
Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016 - 18:00 bis 18:30



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