The Force Awakens - EdTech in Asia

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re:publica 2016


Education Technology is a buzzword that has been thrown around a lot in the educational space. Lots of schools & companies alike jumped on it and tried to do 'something with EdTech'. More often than not that 'something' is very rudimentary and doesn't necessarily improve classroom or overall learning outcomes. We all know Nelson Mandela's quote on education & hence it is interesting to see how, in cultures that aren't necessarily free, education changes, disrupts and improves through technology.



#EdTech is somehwat of a trending topic in education these days. Everybody seems to have gotten wind of opportunities that lie within education and everybody seems to wanting to cash in on that. Unfortunately not everyone involved in Education Technology is in it for the right reasons. This is why events like the Startup Weekend Education and others are from great value to give up and coming educators, techies or anyone else who wants to make a change a chance to shine. 

Having organized several Startup Weekend Education events (Bangkok & ASEAN) in the region, being involved in Southeast Asian higher education for more than five years and running one thing became apparent: Educational & technological revolutions and disruptions are also happening here - but on a different level and at a different pace.

This talk is going to highlight what is happening in the EdTech space in (Southeast) Asia. Looking at big players but also at disruptive start-ups and student led initiatives. From Microsoft's efforts of getting involved over China's booming EdTech sector to Thailand's leading app for primary schools Taam Kru. We will look at different success stories, developments but also discuss failures and issues that simply won't be resolved. 

Eventually this talk tries to inspire, raise issues, connect passionate people in education and maybe even lead towards solving some of #EdTech's biggest issues. 

Stage 8
Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 16:00 bis 16:30




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