Getting Vinyl in Kenyan Basements to Collectors Globally

re:publica 2016


In Kenya, vinyl came and went just like it did across the globe. However, there still exist a few collectors, probably more than anyone can guess, that are looking to acquire some of the finest music ever pressed. Sadly, so much of this audio gold is lying in basements, stores and attics in grandparents' houses. In a bid to reverse this sorry state of affairs, I have began a reclamation process that seeks to spread this music to enthusiasts around the world. Come along on my journey :)


Circa 1970 it was easy to buy records from established stores in the city of Nairobi. The varied collections of some people today are evidence that vinyl was big here, as it was in other markets around the world. 7"s were especially popular and a lot of records of Kenyan and East African music were pressed in this size. But today, accessing these troves of decades-old craft is extremely difficult, with only a handful of collectors meeting regularly or keeping in touch with each other mainly through the We Love Vinyl Worldwide group on Facebook. 

In a bid to do music-lovers and collectors alike justice, I have began a reclamation process based on free donations and/or sale of old records from friends of friends. Those with records that they no longer play either donate or sell them to me and I put those that I am unable to purchase up on Discogs for sale on their behalf. 

This session details my experiences trying what some have considered bizarre — asking strangers to let me dig through crates upon crates of their dusty records in a bid to find them new homes. It also invites discussion to better the process and/or learn from other enthusiasts. 

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Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 19:45 bis 20:15




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