Prototyping the Energy Sharing Future

Business & Innovation
re:publica 2016


Have you ever thought about sharing energy? Let´s imagine how a digital energy sharing platform could look like. Airbnb and uber are yesterday´s news - yet, these sharing concepts changed markets through digitalization and created decentralized and participative structures. We believe that there is a great opportunity to use these ideas to transform the energy world. Let´s explore how to shift power back to the people and make 100% green energy transition happen.


NOTE: Results of the workshop can be found here.

Can digitalization enable us to create a decentral, independent and participative energy world?

During this workshop we will use creative methods to create prototypes of an energy sharing platform. You will also get some insights on the lean startup methodology and value proposition canvas as tools to bring agile solution development forward. Together with you we want to explore how to move the energy world towards further participation and digitalization.

What needs to be offered? What could drive change? What hypotheses do we need to test? How can we enable people to participate? Together we will condense insights and turn them into prototypes of the energy sharing future.

We believe that Energiewende goes beyond decarbonization – it is about decentralization, digitalization and democratization. Join us and shape your energy future!

Note: 35 participants maximum. It will be first come, first served. So make sure you arrive a bit early!

Presented by LichtBlick. We are a think tank at LichtBlick who focuses on innovative IT solutions to drive the energy transition. LichtBlick is an independent green energy retailer and software company. Our vision is to provide clean energy – anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

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Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 17:15 bis 18:15




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