Re­balancing the offline and online integration

Politics & Society
re:publica 2016


The engagement of the civil socitey for refugees since last year has been enormous and still keeps a lot of people busy. Especially in Berlin a lot of digital projects were started, but which tools are really being used? What is the right balance between online and offline support, one on one and mass communication and information?


So many Apps were built, so many projects started, some are being used, a lot are not. Watching the development of support for refugees for a year now one can state that that the enthusiasm cooled down a bit, more mid- and longterm are needed now, which seems like a bigger challenge than the first crisis response. Maybe because the needs are more individual, maybe because they ask more from newcomers and welcomers. The question to be asked, how do modern tools for integration and support look like? How much online, how much offline tools do we need, how much individual, how much mass information and communication is needed? Who is asking those coming to us, what they need? Should we rather build apps for the welcomers? Katharina  is sharing her experiences having worked with several initiatives for refugees and having found great new friends among the newcomers. With her on stage are Rafi from Gaza and Kashif from Pakistan sharing their stories and indvidual experiences coming to Germany as a refugee, being in the target group of all these online and offline offers, sharing their thougts and wishes.

Stage 4
Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016 - 13:00 bis 13:30




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