Scoring in Education with a New Code: Design Thinking session

Research & Education
re:publica 2016


Today's youth needs a new skill set to succeed in the professional world. But also the methodology how these skills are being taught needs to change. How can technology unleash the potential of young people from vulnerable backgrounds working within football-based life skills development programs? Using design thinking tools, we invite you to explore with us the potential of partnership between the IT industry and local “Football for Good” community organizations: success factors, challenges and potential pitfalls.


To find a new approach to social responsibility close to SAP's core business and to drive social change in local communities through customized technology solutions, SAP partnered with “streetfootballworld” and their partner organization in India “Dream a Dream”. The KickApp Cup is a successful innovative global project  to corporate social responsibility. How can this concept evolve in order to increase the social impact even further (e.g. higher reach)?

The initiative uses football to bring young leaders from unprivileged communities and SAP developers together in order to find technology solutions that have the potential to amplify the impact of football-based development programs. This initiative inspires youth about IT as one of the core skills needed to thrive in a digital economy. Developers have the unique opportunity to engage in skill-based volunteering and at the same time engage directly with the end-user.

In this session, we will use design thinking methodology to come up with new ideas how to make the KickApp Cup concept even more relevant for underpriviledged youth and organizations like streetfootballworld and dream a dream as well as for an IT company like SAP. In small groups we will work on the questions, discuss our results and hopefully leave the session with fresh ideas.

This workshop might be of interest to you if you a) are interested in social change, or b) football or any sports, or c) think that IT skills are relevant or d) simply like to experience some design thinking tools - or all of the above.

If you plan to join us, it would be great if we hear from you in advance so we can plan and set up the space. Or if you have questions: Drop me an email: Looking forward meeting you in Berlin.

Stage J
Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016 - 11:15 bis 12:30




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