Unfit Bits: Free Your Fitness from Yourself

re:publica 2016


Unfit Bits outlines techniques for generating the fitness datasets of your choice as logged by common wearable technologies. These everyday techniques enable you to qualify for insurance discounts and financial rewards even without the lifestyle to match. Our new range of fitness devices and DIY fitness spoofs empower you to create the walking datasets of your choice, without actually having to share your personal data. Free your fitness. Free yourself. Free your fitness from yourself.


Many insurance companies, banks, airlines, and even universities now offer rewards to those who agree to wear fitness tracking devices and whose data show a certain levels of activity. These wearable technologies are deployed to collect very personal datasets and show that privacy is to become a costly luxury. Unfit Bits offers solutions for everyone, exploring the implications of the emerging uses of these biometric technologies and probing issues of data ownership, data collection in asymmetrical power relationships, privacy & the closed nature of activity tracking systems. Our carefully tested devices and methods enable you to author your own fitness datasets and qualify for rewards without the lifestyle to match. 


Stage L
Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 - 15:30 bis 16:00



Assistant Professor/Artist