re:publica Welcomes the Newbies!


The first Newbies Meet Up at pre:publica; credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

First time at re:publica? We want you to have a great time – right from the start! The conference is a huge event with 6.000 visitors, 600 journalists and 450 speakers filling 300 hours of programme. At the same time re:publica has retained over the years its familiar and informal atmosphere in an open environment.

To make sure it stays that way we invited our first-time attendants to come to our Newbies Meet Up. The first one already took place today at sunny pre:publica. Around 20 curious newcomers came to ask questions, got to know other “Newbies” and had a first beer together.

And many more were attending our second gathering today, Tuesday, at 2 pm! After a quick tour of the event space we gave them an (equally quick) input on how re:publica "works" (where to find what, what's behind the different tracks, is there an app for that?).

We hope you all enjoyed it and you have three exciting days at #rp15!

photo credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)