Call for Papers – It's the Final Countdown: Only A Few Days Left!


Send us your ideas!

By now we're all settling into 2016, so why not muster that new year energy to get involved in our Call for Papers. The deadline is 10 January, giving you a few more days to submit your ideas! Still searching for that spark inspiration? Check out some of our previous posts, such as #FASHIONTECH BERLIN, music or the world of media, for some food for thought and continue below for some further idea suggestions:


  • Once again, the sub-conference Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) will focus on topics affecting international innovation hubs and maker scenes. Are you a maker and part of an international-based hackerspace or hub? Are involved in the tech and startup scenes in Africa, Asia, the MENA region and/or Latin America? We're looking for your ideas!
  • At re:publica, the re:learn track brings together education and technology. We're specifically looking at implementations of digital projects in schools and education sectors, as well as extracurricular learning environments. Check out the themes presented during its #rp15 track for inspiration.
  • The conference track re:health is looking for your thoughts, ideas and projects surrounding the digitisation of health care. Feel free do submit anything from the latest smartphone app developments, health trackers or innovations in the healthcare system. Let us know about the latest possibilities and side-effects and check out our recap from #rp15 for inspiration.
  • Internet and digital policy will, of course, be an important topic at re:publica's 10th anniversary. The last decade has been defined by issues of surveillance, net-neutrality and citizens' digital rights. Help us to fully represent these topics at #rpTEN by submitting your session ideas. The #rp15 event programme can kick-start some ideas.
  • Further thematic tracks, such as business & innovation, the future of mobility, urban development, as well as the effects of digitisation on the working environment, will be represented in this year's re:publica programme. Submit your ideas!


Or maybe be inspired by this year's re:publica motto. With TEN, we aim to look both forward and back. During the 10th re:publica we want to celebrate and reflect with you. All developments that have taken place since 2007 have had and continue to have far-reaching consequences for today's world and the future. These include the triumph of the smartphone, the ascent of social networks and internet policies, such as data retention, the battle for net-neutrality and the Edward Snowden revelations. Only by understanding the past can we shape the future.

And don't worry, we're not expecting your submission to be academic standard texts. Instead, register for our Call for Papers and submit an idea along with a short explanatory text. We are totally open when it comes to the format you choose to present your idea: the classic presentation, discussion round, workshop, lightning talk and other actions are encouraged. A new format we're presenting this year is the meetup, which you can use to organise whole communities.

Hurry, the Call for Papers is almost up! Submission deadline is 10 January 2016. Questions? Answers!

We look forward to your submissions!

Photo by floeschie (CC BY 2.0)