NEW: spring berlin

Check out our new platform spring berlin!

Check out our new platform spring berlin!

We are starting spring berlin! This new platform gathers events of Berlin's creative scene and acts as a hub for visitors and guests looking to explore the exciting events taking place in the city during spring season. spring berlin features events happening from mid-April to mid-May 2016.

The new event network opens a window for visitors into the diverse event scene of Berlin. Besides #rpTEN it compiles partner events that draw from fashion, start-up-business and music, among others.

A number of exciting events are already participating in spring berlin, spanning many aspects of digital business and culture. The conference #FASHIONTECH Berlin (2 - 4 May) connects the worlds of gadgets, hacking and design. #FASHIONTECH Berlin events combine talks and presentations on e-commerce and retail, wearables and design, as well as digital marketing and communication - if you can't wait until May, #FASHIONTECH BERLIN will host an event during the Fashion Week in on 20 January. The music festival XJAZZ brings another creative whirlwind, drawing more than 10 000 visitors for its first edition in 2014. The festival consists of a line-up of many local artists and also covers contemporary approaches to Jazz, such as electronically improvised music on 5-8 May.

Two other events focus on the startup economy. The network berlinbrandenburg connects 24 start-ups with twelve leading investors at their Investors' Dinner on 28 April. The event aims at arranging early stage financing for technology-oriented German start-ups. During Startup Safary, accelerators, incubators, startups, venture capitalists, co-working spaces and other community hotspots open their doors for attendees in the month of April. Visitors can explore the event spots all over the city, taking a tour of Berlin's digital economy.

At Pictoplasma, participants journey into the world of animated characters and graphic arts from 4-8 May. Pictoplasma Festival is the meeting point for a diverse scene of artists and creatives from around the world, spanning fine to urban arts, illustration to animation, fashion, games and graphic design. Its 12th edition will take place next May.

We expect additional events to join this exciting group in the coming months and become part of spring berlin. Take a look!