Your Support of Refugees Emancipation


Enabling internet access from refugees for refugees

This year, you had the chance to donate 15 Euro, or more, in addition to standard rpTEN ticket prices. Your generosity went to support the Refugees Emancipation campaign, and similar institutions, at So many of you kindly took part in the donation drive that as of 7.12.2015, 5,355 Euro has been collected for the project. 337 ticket holders made a donation, of which 13 went above the suggested 15 Euro mark. A huge thank-you to all of you!

Refugees Emancipation campaigns for free access to the internet for refugees. This is done by setting up Internet cafes in refugee shelters and organising computer literacy courses. Access to the Web allows refugees to contact loved ones in their countries of origin, to network in and gain information about their new locality, and to access education- and translation resources. For more information, check out Refugees Emancipation's guest commentary on our site.

The self-organised project was founded by refugees in 2000 and has been able to establish five such Internet cafes. In that spirit we are happy to announce: Refugees Emancipation will be opening its 6th cafe in 2016. That's great news!

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