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re:publica 2016

Short thesis: 

Start Ups are stirring up the field of music production and creation, they make new tools and instruments or develop apps for musicians networking and colaborative composing.


Making music is no longer a matter of expensive equipment and infrastructures. Start-ups penetrate the field of music production by enabling collaborative composing in realtime or writing musical sequences with an algorithm. How does the relation between producers and consumers change, when neither a studio nor a professional musician is required to realise a musical vision? How have new technologies accelerated the shifting of hierarchies?

In the meantime, musicians and technicians cut out innovative paths to reinterpret making music and experiencing music. What happens when artists, hackers, and engineers imagine music together? Access to new technologies and machines as well as inspirations from product or fashion design lead the way to the future of music experience.

Start ups:

Soundtrap is known as the most user-friendly online music recording studio there is. It works on all devices: you can e.g. start making a song on your Chromebook or Windows machine, invite a guitarist friend who is using a Mac, find a keyboard player to collaborate with using an iPad on the other side of the globe and finish the song with a great vocalist on the street using an Android smartphone.

At Soundbrenner we’re developing a new professional tool for musical practice and performance: A smart vibrating metronome. You can connect one or more Soundbrenner Pulse to your smartphone to sync them up, and instead of only making an audible click, it is vibrating to the beat. You can wear it on your wrist, arm or ankle, customise the rhythm, lights, and vibration waveforms. With the Soundbrenner DAW Tools for Mac you can even connect it to any desktop production software. 
Feeling the beat is a revolution in rhythm practice: Since 2016 we shipped the Soundbrenner Pulse to 3000 musicians worldwide. We also won the Best in Show award at NAMM 2016, the world’s biggest music gear exhibition.

Lofelt is on a mission to design innovative technology that shapes the way we experience music in the mobile era. Lofelt was founded in 2014 and is based in Berlin. 
Our first product is the Basslet, a unique wristband designed to enhance the music listening experience. The Basslet works alongside headphones. It recreates the full bass spectrum and makes users feel like they are standing next to a massive sound system. By adding a physical dimension, the Basslet transforms music listening into a fully immersive experience.

WAM is a business-oriented social networking service for the music community.
Through its app, WAM is aiming to empower the independent music artists, allowing them to network and collaborate with industry professionals, partner with businesses and learn new skills.

Format: Lighning Talks + Discussion

  • Vanja Steinholtz (Soundtrap. Stockholm)
  • Julian Vogels (Soundbrenner. Hong Kong, Berlin, Los Angeles) – Soundbrenner Pulse: World’s first smart vibrating metronome
  • Daniel Büttner (Lofelt. Berlin) – The Basslet: wearable technology for a truly better music experience
  • Mickael Pinto (WAM - we are music. Berlin) – returning power to the musicians


Audio recording: 

Stage L
Monday, May 2, 2016 - 17:15 to 18:15




Head of Communication at Soundtrap, musician