Alejandra Gutiérrez Valdizán

Alejandra Gutiérrez Valdizán

Editor in chief

Alejandra Gutiérrez is editor in chief of Plaza Publica, an in depth digital media magazine in Guatemala, Central America.

Plaza Publica  with four years of existence is one of the most respected and innovative native digital media in Latin America.

She is specialized in social themes, justice and violence. For almost 15 years, she’s worked in in depth journalism for various magazines in Guatemala, and in academic research about media, and audiovisual analysis. She’s worked in participatory community video and as a journalism teacher in Universidad Rafael Landivar.

Her work as a writer and researcher has earned recognitions such as finalist in the International Press Asociation (SIP), as part of the team recognized by the Daniel Pearl Award (reasarching organized crime) ; and with Plaza Publica’s team the Fundación Gabriel García Márquez para el Periodismo Iberoamericano as the coordinator the coverage of the genocide trial in Guatemala

She has advanced PhD studies in Communications from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), a Postgraduate degree in Communications and Art (U. of Girona), and a degree in Communications with a minor in alternative communications.