Instructions for Career Refusal

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re:publica 2015

Short thesis: 

Fine young humanists from "Haus Bartleby - Centre for Career Refusal" expound the thesis, that we have to quit dependent employments to leave the false narratives of economic growth and the myths of "creativity". The Berlin based advocatory research group gives instructions to overcome the "Epoch of Austerity" in which the first aim of capitalists was to push individuals to set in platforms disrupting traditional markets and individual income. "We would prefer not to." And we can. Which will to be proven!


"Nothing so aggravates an earnest person as a passive resistance." - Bartleby by Herman Melville

"Haus Bartleby - Centre for Career Refusal" is a free advocatory lobby of journalists, scientists and writers in Berlin. All of the members shortly ceased cooperation with capitalism for the well-known reasons. The Bartlebysts now work and publish together for the new approach towards economy, ecology and ethics at the turning point of the Epoch of Austerity.

"Plan B." - Johnny Haeusler

As a first step, the founders provoke to question dependent employment for a new understanding of capitalist structures. As privileged young high potentials we all seem prone to apply for the money of old men, legitimated by anybody, to realise our smart ideas. But developments of the past few years show that the disruption of traditional markets by new centrally coordinated expert groups and platforms exaggerate the beauty of social networks, turning the internet into a vicous tool for a new internet oligarchy to come. Ideas often are perverted into the opposite of its intentions.

What once began as an utopia of a common future in the internet is at the crucial point, threatening to tip over into a perverted capitalist dystopia, accelarating the accelaration.

How can we step out the dependecies that keep us in the rat race that suits mankind less and less? Ladies and Gentlemen. We have some instructions for you.

The foundation of Haus Bartleby has been palpable by establishing the website and the first lobby bureau in Berlin, opened to the public in late 2014. Founders are Alix Faßmann, journalist and former advisor for the German Social Democrats' Party, Jörg Petzold, radio maker and expert for contemporary literature and Anselm Lenz, worker, journalist, theatre dramaturg and author.

"The exquisite art of idleness, one of the most important things that any University can teach." - Oscar Wilde

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