Christiane Hütter

Christiane Hütter

Christiane Hütter (Frau Hue) is a Berlin based game designer and artist. She studied psychology and scriptwriting. After her first experiences in german TV (Tatort, 2011), she quit german TV. (Temporarily. Maybe.)

Since 2010 she is a core member of Invisible Playground ( and designs urban games and playful experiences all over the world with a focus on new relations between cities and society. In 2014 she co-founded the Society for Cultural Optimism. This group designs speculative, game-like structures that engage people in meaningful discourse on current social and political topics in interconnected systems. (

As individual artist, Christiane Hütter creates performative settings, e.g. „Wurst part of me“ where people were invited to cook and eat a blood sausage out of their own blood. Beyond, she is breeding an egg since 2011 (, an ongoing play-driven experiment about future social parentship. 



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