Stimulating the senses to expand horizons. Daimler Business Innovation at the re:publica 2016.

Innovation isn’t just about thinking. Innovation and creating pioneering new ideas can happen when the senses are stimulated, and innovative ideas are caused not usually by one single sense but mostly by all of them. The best example is Virtual Reality – a theme that is so relevant that this year re:publica gave it a whole building of its own. VR is a multi-sensory experience so authentic that it could almost be reality – until you remove the glasses. The Daimler Business Innovation booth concept also spoke to the senses this year and invited delegates to become an active part in the concept.

Classroom reloaded.

One thing has become clear over ten years of re:publica: we never stop learning. We are a learning society. In a classic auditorium setting, visitors were able to talk with the Daimler Business Innovation team and scribble on the digital blackboard – or on the school desk. In his talk, Christian Geiss discussed his bold thesis that automobiles may soon no longer represent the core business of automobile manufacturers. The idea was hotly debated in a very full classroom. Other mobility theses were also talked about at length in smaller groups. David Menzel posited the question of how health can happen in cars; Dieter Feder spoke beforehand about the ‘automotive microcosm’. And to prevent minds from overheating, there was an opportunity to cool off in a dedicated shark-tank – in virtual reality of course.

Rock ’n’ roll in the disco ball

Big, round, sparkly – and it makes music! We are talking about the Daimler Business Innovation disco ball whose interior was kitted out with musical instruments. It was there that visitors could give free rein to their creative needs and help design their very own sound track for re:publica. How did it sound? Awesome!

Poffertjes. Yes! Yes!

Which sensory experience should never be lacking among all the food for thought? Taste! To provide an energy-boost between events, our Mercedes-Benz Foodtruck offered poffertjes and smoothies – and even a nightcap later on in the evening. Because cash is so very 2015, visitors paid with Tweets. Sounds simple, and it was – tasted good too.

Live, in the thick of it, here and now.

Pioneering digital thinkers who were not fortunate enough to make it to this year’s re:publica were able to follow some of the Daimler Business Innovation sessions live on Periscope and Facebook, take a glimpse behind the scenes on Snapchat and browse images of the day on Facebook and Instagram. If you missed it, follow now on "taubenheim13".



Our partner Daimler Business Innovation has come up with a brand-new stand concept with the motto “Touching all senses – beyond mobility”.


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