re:publica goes Dublin!


Three of the re:publica founders with Digital Biscuit founder Birch Hamilton

We are very thrilled to tell you more about our brandnew partnership with Digital Biscuit. re:publica embarks on a new endeavour and brings two of Europe’s most exciting tech and culture events together for the first time in Dublin, Ireland, on 20 October 2016.

#rpDUB, Baby!

We already hinted at it in re:publica TEN’s closing event. Now we are very thrilled to tell you more about our brandnew partnership with Digital Biscuit. We want to bring two of Europe’s most exciting tech and culture events together for the first time in Dublin, Ireland. From 20-22 October Digital Biscuit will take place and on 20 October there will be our first re:publica Dublin as a joint event.

Now in its fourth year, Digital Biscuit is an international film and technology forum that brings creative and influential minds in the film and technology industry together for a festival of ideas, demos and events. And we just celebrated our tenth edition as Europe’s most prominent event on internet and digital society with over 8,000 visitors, 17 stages and 770 speakers from 60 countries, yay!

This autumn’s combined festival in Dublin will bring together the best of both events in Dublin’s Odeon Point Village venue space to provide an unprecedented meeting of minds from across the film, television, media and technology spectrum.

Why are we doing this again?

re:publica is rapidly expanding, with over 8,000 participants and more than 10,000 square metres of additional space at this year’s conference in May. And since the digital society is continually becoming more and more global and interconnected, it is only natural to take a first attempt overseas. We're very pleased to meet Dublin's digital scene and its networks. Partnering with Digital Biscuit is an exciting progression, and we look forward to exchanging ideas and working together.

About Digital Busicuit, a Leading Film and Tech Forum

Digital Biscuit is quickly becoming a global networking hub for the world’s leading filmmakers, technologists, creatives and the wider industry. This autumn’s programme is their biggest and most ambitious to date, and in the Odeon Point Village they will host six stages and a big exhibition area with screenings taking place throughout the day and tonnes of interesting interactive projects, including mentoring and networking sessions for the first time.

They have had incredible speakers at Digital Biscuit over the past three years and aim to bring a similar calibre of leaders together for the event in October. Previous speakers have included David Yates, director of the “Harry Potter” series, David Chase, creator of “The Sopranos”, and Michel Gondry, director of “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind”, among many others.

Digital Biscuit’s aim is to provide a platform to showcase Ireland and their incredible film and creative culture and its fusion with technology to the world’s leading innovators in the industry. They chose the name ‘Digital Biscuit’ because it is best enjoyed when shared with others and in bite-sized chunks. They think that the best creative projects are made with a mix of diverse ingredients and as a super collaboration among people. Digital Biscuit aims to completely rethink how meaningful global connections can be made between people and how this can present real solutions for screen production.

In October Digital Biscuit will cover key international trends and developments in the film and tech space, including: Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Immersive Storytelling; and Creative Collaboration. The festival will also place a spotlight on women innovators in film and technology, focusing on the high calibre women in the industry and providing a platform to showcase female trailblazers and their achievements.

Grab your ticket for #rpDUB on 20 October 2016 or, even better, get a combined ticket for both events from 20-22 October 2016 over here.

Photo credit: re:publica (CC BY 2.0)