re:publica will turn 10 in 2016. Once a cosy meeting point for bloggers, re:publica has become one of the world’s leading festivals for digital society themes. And no matter how we look at it, for our anniversary issue we have come to realize:

Visitors are speakers. Guests are players. TEN is NET.

The principle of reflection applied to re:publica from the start. The boundaries of people onstage and offstage overlap. Interaction means reflection and communication, and only the exchange between everyone and everything enables a view of the whole.

We are well aware that without the many guests of different origins with varying ambitions and interests, re:publica would not be the exciting, inspiring, and motivating festival full of heterogeneity that it is today. It is these uniquely diverse guests that make re:publica a reflection of digital society. TEN is NET.

The tenth re:publica is a reflection of each and every one: You are re:publica. And re:publica is what you make of it. Its creation is a plea for commitment, responsibility, and emancipation of a digital society whose development is up to us.

In the tenth year of its existence, re:publica will remain true to its perspective on digital objects, which have been influencing the world of carbon for a long time now, and will continue to make sure fun and entertainment are not missing. A mutual review of re:publica on the occasion of its anniversary will give us great pleasure. However, we will not forget to look ahead as we know: Tomorrow is made today, from the Crowd, from the Cloud and most of all, from each and every one.

Welcome to re:publica TEN. Come along all of you, we're going to throw a party!