re:publica TEN & EDFVR: Immersion Everywhere


Virtual Reality goggles at #rp15

The field of VR is creating a lot of excitement in terms of new hardware products, from cameras to VR goggles and full-on VR domes. The 360 degree viewing format is also gaining a foothold in content areas from numerous disciplines. Along with gaming, the potentials of VR have been discovered by music and fashion industry, science, health, film and journalism and are using the technologies in numerous ways (we think back to the great re:publica 2015 talk on the subject of "immersive journalism").

Andreas Gebhard, co-founder and CEO of re:publica, explains: "We feel that the current hype surround VR is justified and that is why we are highlighting it at re:publica TEN and featuring the new possibilities this technology provides for so many sectors, including art and music, entertainment and journalism”. To increase our impact and support synergies and dialogue, re:publica has established a new cooperation with Germany's First Professional Association for Virtual Reality (EDFVR). Arne Ludwig (executive board EDFVR), welcomed this new cooperation: "The whole world has a stake in this new world of technology and so much is yet unexplored. It's self evident that EDFVR and re:publica TEN should cooperative as immersively as possible. Using hashtag #VR HERE, we will be showing of VR, more VR and even more VR through demos, installations and experiences and invite all participants to engage in talks at the VR Lounge."

At re:publica TEN, VR will be represented throughout the conference. One attraction will be the DOMZELT in the re:lax outdoor area with a 10-meter radius. In this dome you can experience various VR content in a group. Furthermore our new experimentation space "labore:tory" will feature 3 days and 3 floors dedicated to the topic of VR. The labre:tory, in the Kühlhaus, will become a learning lab open to all participants who can try out and experiment with various VR recording equipment and technologies on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor will feature hands-on use of VR glasses and goggles, which will enable you to dive in to new dimensions and experiences. The 2 floors will be in the capable and experienced hands of the EDFVR.

The first floor is dedicated to a different thematic focus each day: the Musicday (2 May) will look at various topics in numerous sessions, including binaural VR and 360 degree recording. We would like to thank Berlin's Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research for supporting the topics of VR and music. Immersive Arts (3 May) highlights VR and digital art. Immersion means more than simply partaking in the content – we look to dive into the art directly and experience it in a whole new way. Sessions will look at new tools for storytelling through technology. Working practices, possibilities and new perspectives will be highlighted. Day 3 (4 May) will host #FASHIONTECH Berlin and will look at VR's integration into the fashion industry. Could it even become a fashion accessory?

Photo credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY 2.0)