Neo-Tribes: The Future is Tribal

Culture & Arts
re:publica 2016

Short thesis: 

You might have come across people that are "abandoning everything," deserting the urban consumer lifestyle to engage in small community activities, living off the land or following the path of the digital nomad. Are these experiments just nostalgic recreations of hippie fantasies from the 1960s or do they signal a powerful new leap into new ways of organizing social systems?


In this talk, Alexa Clay looks at the challenges that have accompanied the rise of mass society and shares practices from communities that have sought out radical alternatives. Looking at eco-villages, hacker collectives, intentional communities, social movements, and diverse misfit subcultures from live-action-role playing to underground secret societies, Clay gives us a peephole into the emerging "tribes" that are springing up in the wake of post-capitalism.

Stage 1
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 16:15 to 17:15


Author | chief misfit