"Performersion – Days of Performing & Immersive Arts." re:publica TEN and the Performing Arts Programm were working together to connect actors from digital culture with actors in the independent performing arts. On 5 and 6 May 2016, the Kühlhaus in Berlin-Kreuzberg hosted the first "Performersion – Days of Performing & Immersive Arts", powered by the Lotto Stiftung. Directly following re:publica TEN (2 – 4 May 2016), artists, trend-setters, developers and researchers from the fields of performing arts, dance, theatre, performance, digital research and technology development came together during two days to develop ideas and practical applications in collaborative formats. The strength of the re:publica programme helped to inspire attendees and creates new avenues and methods. But instead of taking newly learned information and visions back to ones respective working environments, "Performersion" produced an interface at which various expertises come together to further develop, research and implement inspirations and impulses.

The programme took place exclusively in English and was open to all those interested.

Art + Tech

The themes and topics raised and discussed at re:publica have become staple concerns and points of discussion in today's society. When society reflects on societal questions, it does it particularly well through performing arts. A convergence of the two is enriching for both. In a time of increasing automation of software development, tech and digital businesses need to be less focused on solutions and more on answer from experts in the fields of art, such as user experience, storytelling or immersive narrative. On the other hand, the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies are exciting prospects for art production and dissemination in film, performance and even literature.

Our Goal

We want to open a space for creative processes, where the arts and digital culture can jointly reflect. We want to enable interactions between performing artists and members of the digital civil society. We want to moderate exchanges, document, and encourage networking and cooperation between these two fields on equal levels. Professional talks, featuring best practice examples and information on possible sponsorship sources, and fruitful networking are on the agenda. We hope that the co-operations created within the Performersion framework will continue beyond the event.


The festival/conference took place in the Kühlhaus next to the STATION Berlin and the space was used as an area for testing and experimentation by re:publica and PAP. During Performersion, the stage on the 2nd floor was joined by various workshop areas. The stage featured the conference sessions, as well as the performances. The 3rd and 4th floors featured labs for experimenting. The atrium featured virtual reality technology exhibitions as well as artistic positions.

"Performersion" was a part of our spring berlin network, a listing of exciting art, culture and digital events happening from mid-April to mid-May in Berlin. Find all events over here!

Performersion – Days of Performing & Immersive Arts: 5 and 6 May 2016
At Kühlhaus in Berlin-Kreuzberg; admission free. More info and the programme over here.

Image credit: key visual by fertig design (CC BY 2.0)

re:publica 2016

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Around 500 visitors took part at Performersion on 5 and 6 May, engaged in workshops and listened to the talks.


 Since yesterday "Performersion – Days of Performing + Immersive Arts" is taking place at Kühlhaus next to STATION Berlin which we are hosting together with the Performing Arts Programm (PAP). Today is the second – and last – day. Come by and enjoy the talks and performances!


Performing arts meets digital culture: re:publica and Performing Arts Programm in cooperation with an exciting new format – Performersion!


Art and Technology: Our new "Performersion – Days of Performing & Immersive Arts" festival will take place on 5 and 6 May 2016 in cooperation with the Performing Arts Programm (PAP).

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