Hacking with Care! <3

re:publica 2016


Hacking with Care is born from the magical encounter of Emily King, a massage artist, Jérémie Zimmermann, an internet activist, and friends with common good at heart. The collective explores well-being and care as components of hacking and activism, while also seeking to liberate care, and to inspire alliances between "caregivers" of different competences.


Hackers and activists know working for positive social change is a continuing, draining, selfless battle. However fulfilling and often invigorating, this dedication nonetheless takes a great physical and emotional toll on many friends. Some burnout, some are imprisoned or experience limitations or abuse of their rights, in retaliation for their deeds. Some die. Meanwhile, the various attacks and restrictions on life and freedoms keep intensifying everywhere, motivated by unchecked power and greed. They affect all, in all areas of life, including access to healthcare. 

From our different perspectives, we decided to put our experience in common and join forces to:

  • Care for ourselves and others, become aware of vulnerabilities and organize so that our capacities to care and be cared for will not be compromised.
  • Reach out to health-care practitioners, to share and care with them. They too are increasingly confronted to situations requiring skills in relation to privacy/data protection, technological independence and operational security (OpSec) in order to protect themselves as well as their patients.
  • ...

This will be the first public presentation of Hacking with Care, introducing past/ongoing works, a vision for the future and a call for participation. 

Visual and fun examples will be shown, which will include movement, live massage and singing, to infuse courage and celebrate "joie de vivre" as a tactic! <3

Stage 2
Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 - 13:00 bis 13:30