HEBOCON – Attack Of The Crappy Robots!

Global Innovation Gathering (GIG)
re:publica 2016


Robots are awesome – Sumo wrestling is awesome – Robot sumo-wrestling is ... well,... crappy and awesome.


Welcome to HEBOCON – the world’s best competition for pitting crappy robots against other crappy robots. Did we already mention it’s all pretty crappy? Your robot is a toy car with a phone case stuck on it? A box of tissues powered by a fan? Perfect! Come and compete in our fist re:publica HEBOCON – the contest for the technically ungifted!

Originating in Japan, HEBOCON is THE showdown battle where terribly built robots (try to) duke it out against each other to try and claim the glorious victory. The word Hebocon derives from the Japanese word Heboi which is used to describe something that is technically poor, or low in quality.

Heboi Robots are designed and built by the technically ungifted and penalties are handed out for anything too high tech. Facing off in a 50cm x 100cm arena of no-very-sudden death, n00b robot pilots pitch their terrible creations into the fight with an equally rubbish adversary.

Sumo wrestling rules apply: first one to get knocked out of the ring or fall over loses the match. Each bout lasts for 1 minute and the overall crappy champion is determined by points.

The odder, the more awkward the battle the better! The object of HEBOCON is to enjoy Heboiness!

We invite all re:publica participants to come and compete in HEBOCON!

Watch this video!

Maker Space
Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016 - 18:45 bis 19:45