Interactive Gaming

Global Innovation Gathering (GIG)
re:publica 2016


The workshop will focus on integrating interactivity in gaming as well as thinking outside the box through the creation of innovative gaming elements. During the workshop we will build an electronic circuit to interact with a game to experience a different environment.


Interactive Gaming was practiced very well during our childhood, when we were playing traditional games like: Blind man's buff; Cops and Robbers; Jumpsies.

When video games started, social interactivity was still limited, the games gave you an option to choose 1 or 2 players maximum. At some point, it became too banal to be constanly attached to the screen and not interact with your friends as frequently.

In this workshop we will mix between the new technology and old technics of playing. By using arduino and light sensors, we will build a controller to make an effect on a pong game, and changing a main element of gaming style that will give the players the enjoyment of the traditional games and the use of the new technology.

15 participants maximum, please sign up at the GIG makerspace.  Sign up sheet will be available from the start of Day 1. Please come 10 mins before workshopParticpants should also come with their own laptops to install a Arduino IDE and Processing.

Attending workshops are free for participants who sign up.  If you would like to take one of the products with you after the workshop, donations are very welcome in order to cover the cost of materials.  Expected donation to take parts: 15 euro


Maker Space
Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 18:30 bis 19:30