What Augmented Reality Vegetables can teach you about collaboration.

Global Innovation Gathering (GIG)
re:publica 2016


Digital tools can help us in the most unexpected ways: A storytelling Zucchini helps Colombian farmers take contact with end costumers in Bogotá trough their kid's smartphones, brings pride to the farmer's job, reactivates rural market places and teaches kids how to hack. In June 2015 a group of governmental actors, educators, hackers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists and farmers came together with the goal of leveraging synergies. The augmented reality vegetable 'Zuchi Zucchini' came to life.


In June 2015 a group of Colombian governmental actors, digital educators, hackers, makers, environmental activists, farmers and entrepreneurs, came together in the Andes with the goal of leveraging synergies amongst each-other. Inspired by a unique location and embracing Design Thinking working practices, they have developed a common product that thanks to their complementary skills could be implemented only one week later!

This session will tell you the story of how collaboration between people that apparently work on different topics and in competend entities, with different goals can be leveraged by changing their mindsets and connecting them in a special location. Their common product was a technological solution that was inherent to everyone's work. The implementation of their idea could be done at the first stage in only one week due to the complementary skill set of the participants and the connecting elements: augemnted reality and food/farming.



Stage 8
Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 16:30 bis 17:00