Max Scott-Slade

Max Scott-Slade

Co-Founder, Game Designer

As a co-founder of Johnny Two Shoes in 2007, Max Scott-Slade launched The Heist series that has gone on to achieve over 250 million plays. He has also launched many other games played by millions of fans, including Comatose, the Banana Dash series and High Speed Chase.

Building games with film and commercial brands inspired him  to build the wildly successful iOS game in 2010 — Plunderland — with a metacritic score of 86 and over half a million downloads to date.

In 2013 he co-founded ‘GLITCHERS’ whose aim is to build experimental game concepts, release them as highly polished minimal viable products, learn & iterate.

This leads him to the current day, soaking in knowledge, wanting to know more about the way people play games, how they’re affected by play and determining a fair way to sell games through experimentation.

Max Scott-Slade speaks on game design at conferences and universities across the UK & Scandinavia.