#GameForGood: The Quest to Save the Human Brain

re:publica 2016


How can we share knowledge, ideas, innovative technology and big data to help advanced research through mobile game play? Experts of gaming, telecommunications and science discuss new ways to approach global healthcare issues.



One of the biggest global healthcare challenges we face as a society is dementia research. There are 47 million people living with dementia worldwide, with a new case discovered every 3 seconds. It is a condition that robs those we love of their ability to share in our most precious moments.

Globally we spend over 3 billion hours gaming every week. What if there was a way to empower people to share this time to provide the data scientists so urgently need, on a scale never seen before?

What if we could create a game capable of significantly advancing our understanding of the human brain, and ultimately of a condition we know so little about?

What is the potential of big data in health care?

What if we could game for good?


Emma Barnett (BBC) presents Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, Sara Cornish, Max Scott-Slade and Wolfgang Kampbartold on stage.

  • Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck (Author & CEO, Omnisophie): Why should medicine share data across all clinics to make a real difference in healthcare?
  • Sara Cornish (Project Director, Games for Change): Why are games powerful tools for teaching real skills, building empathy, conducting research and assessment?
  • Max Scott-Slade (Game Designer & Co-Founder, Glitchers): How do you design a game that is fun to play and supports science to collect data at the same time?
  • Wolfgang Kampbartold (Vice President of International Marketing Communications, Deutsche Telekom): Why does one of Europe’s biggest telecom companies seek new ways to fight dementia by enabling people to game for good?


Presented by Deutsche Telekom.


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Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 - 11:15 bis 12:15



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